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Breast Lift

Breast Lift Vero Beach FL

Breast lifting procedures are performed to elevate the nipple and reshape a sagging breast to give a perkier, more youthful appearance. Sometimes, breast implants are helpful in assisting with this goal. Whether you have always wanted perkier breasts, or are looking to correct the effects of time and breastfeeding, a breast lift can help you achieve the shape you desire.

Am I a good candidate for a breast lift?

There are many types of breast lifting procedures. Which procedure is best for you depends upon your breast exam and your goals. A consultation with Dr. Frazier at Vero Cosmetic in Vero Beach, Florida including a thorough exam and discussion regarding your desires will best determine the benefits of a mastopexy for you. Breast lifting can be done by itself, or along with breast augmentation or breast reduction depending upon your needs.

Should I consider breast implants with a lift?

Childbirth and the effects of gravity with age can cause breasts to sag and lose breast volume. While a breast lift can treat the sagginess by restoring your nipples to their former location and elevating the breast tissue, it does not restore breast volume. Actually, once your breasts are lifted, they will feel and look smaller to you than before they were lifted, even though no breast tissue other than skin is removed. Because of this, many women opt to have breast implants placed in conjunction with a lift to maintain or restore volume. Implants can also help achieve some upper breast fullness that would otherwise not be possible in a lift alone. This helps you regain the shape and contour you once had. With this understanding; however, an implant is certainly not mandatory foro anyone when considering a lifting procedure. The decision is up to you.
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Can I have silicone gel implants? What are the advantages?

Yes, you can have silicone implants placed when having a breast lift procedure. Silicone gel implants feel softer and more like breast tissue. It is also much less likely that the implant will be palpable because of this. Under the Food and Drug Administration guidelines, silicone gel implants can be used in several clinical situations under research protocol. One of these is the need for a breast lifting procedure.

Are silicone gel implants safe?

Yes. Despite the concerns voiced about silicone breast implants over the past decade, there is no convincing evidence that silicone implants cause disease. There are no conclusive scientific data that silicone gel implants cause cancer, autoimmune disease, or connective tissue disorders. Silicone is everywhere both in the environment and in medical devices, instruments, and prosthetics.
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What scarring will I have from a lift?

There are many types of breast lift procedures and the degree of scarring depends upon the procedure that will work best for you. The amount of nipple elevation necessary plays a large role in determining which lift is most appropriate. Some procedures entail just a scar around the areola, while others require and additional vertical scar below the areola towards the fold. For extremely saggy breasts, occasionally a horizontal scar in the crease below the breast helps achieve the best contour without any loose skin. There is no magical way to lift a breast without some scarring. However, women are usually extremely happy to have a lifted, perky breast contour at the expense of some scarring.

Will a mastopexy affect my nipple sensation?

It is unlikely, but there is a small chance that breast lifting surgery may reduce nipple sensation. Care is taken during surgery to avoid injury to the nerves that provide sensation to the nipple. Nonetheless, especially in more extreme lifts, occasionally patients have decreased sensation.
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Where is the surgery performed and what kind of anesthesia is used?

Procedures are typically performed at our office based surgery suite located at 1255 37th Street, Ste. D, Vero Beach, FL 32960. It is accredited through the State of Florida Department of Health/Board of Medicine. A variety of anesthetics are selected in accordance with the patients needs and the type of procedure performed.  The most common types of anesthesia are IV sedation, oral anesthesia and local anesthetics. Dr. Frazier will discuss what is most appropriate for your procedure upon your consultation.
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What is the recovery period?

After a mastopexy, you may go home to recover comfortably in your own bed. You will be walking the day of surgery with some discomfort and tightness in your chest. You will be given a supportive bra. Generally people are off of pain medication after a few days and back to work within a week. At 3 weeks, low-impact exercise is permissible followed by unrestricted activity after 6 weeks.


 NOTICE:  For privacy for our patients, Dr. Frazier does not disclose photos of actual patients on this public website.  Before and After Photos are supplied from board certified plastic surgeons in the USA through our link to the American Society of Plastic Surgery.  


Vero Cosmetic is a leader in the Treasure Coast Breast Lift procedure with over two decades of experience. Vero Cosmetic is conveniently located in Vero Beach, FL at 1255 37th Street in suite D, on the west side of Indian River Medical Center.  Please schedule a personal consultation to learn what a Breast Lift can do for you. Simply call 772.562.2400 or request your consultation online.


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