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Mini Browlift
Brow lift surgery rejuvenates the upper face by elevating the eyebrows to their original, youthful position. This assists in clearing excess brow and eyelid skin off of the eyes in order to achieve a less sleepy, more vibrant appearance. Because brow descent is often a major culprit in creating an aged upper eyelid, brow lifts are often performed in conjunction with or in place of eyelid surgery.

Am I a good candidate for a brow lift?

A brow lift is a good procedure for a person who has a drooping brow over the outer aspect of the eye and crowding upper eyelid skin. Good candidates are those who appear older or more tired than they feel because of a lower brow position. A personal consultation with Dr. Frazier at Vero Cosmetic can specifically address your concerns and help determine the value of a brow lift for you.

What are the benefits from a brow lift?

  • Elevate the outer eyebrow to a more youthful position
  • Clear excess, droopy brow and eyelid skin from the eye
  • Soften outer forehead wrinkles


Does a brow lift take care of the excess skin on my upper eyelids?

Sometimes, the excess skin on the upper lids is purely a function of a lowered brow. As the outer eyebrow drops with age and loss of skin elasticity, it can cause crowding of the upper eyelid skin. In these cases, once the brow is elevated, the full upper lid comes into view and no further skin redundancy exists. In many other cases, there is persistent skin excess on the upper lid even when the brow is properly positioned. Therefore, it is frequently suggested that some upper lid skin is removed (upper blepharoplasty) at the time of a brow lift to get the best result from your upper facial rejuvenation.

What is the difference between a brow lift and a forehead lift?

These terms are generally used interchangeably.

What is considered the attractive position of the eyebrow?

The eyebrow should be at the level of the bony rim above the eye in a man and should arch above this supraorbital rim as it travels outward in women. When the eyebrow is lower than this due to aging and gravity, brow skin can droop over the eyelid creating a tired, older appearance. Also, as the brow drops, more upper eyelid skin bunches up further worsening this aged look. Part of the goal of a brow lift is to bring the eyebrows back into a more youthful, attractive position.

What causes the excess skin on the upper eyelid and what should I do about it?

Whenever upper eyelid rejuvenation is a patient's desire, two separate but related factors must be considered in the proper diagnosis and treatment of the situation. First, the position of the eyebrow plays an important role in the upper lid appearance. As the brow falls, usually at the outer portion creating "lateral brow hooding", the skin on the upper lid tends to crowd and bunch up. Second, excess upper lid skin can be a function of aging and decreased eyelid skin elasticity. Whenever upper eyelid aesthetics are discussed, the benefits of both a brow lift and a blepharoplasty must be considered.

How can I tell how much brow descent is causing an upper eyelid problem?

You can determine for yourself the degree to which brow descent is contributing to your upper eyelid skin excess. Look straight into the mirror without your chin up or down, but in a neutral position. Then, manually lift the outer brow slightly to reduce the lateral hooding but not too much so as to over-glamorize your appearance. Don't lift the inner brow as this causes a surprised look. Once your brow is in the ideal position, notice how much more upper lid is visible and how much less excess skin exists within the lid. If this improves your look considerably, then a brow lift is an important component to your upper lid rejuvenation. If your manual manipulation helps minimally, perhaps an upper blepharoplasty alone will suffice to dramatically clean up your upper lids.

What is a coronal brow lift?

This procedure involves an incision behind the hairline within the hair-bearing scalp from ear to ear. A portion of scalp is removed so that the forehead is tightened and the brow is elevated. This procedure may be appropriate for those with significant forehead laxity and excess skin.

What are the benefits of the mini temporal brow lift?
  • Minimal scalp numbness
  • Minimal swelling
  • Minimal risk of hair loss
  • Small incisions
  • Small scars
  • Short recovery period
  • Reduced bleeding


Will a brow lift make me look surprised or operated upon?

No! By elevating only the outer brow and not the inner brow, rejuvenation is accomplished without making you look surprised. You can reproduce these different looks by manually elevating different parts of your eyebrows in the mirror. At Vero Cosmetic, the outer brow is elevated just enough to clear the excess droopiness away from your eye and restore a more vibrant, youthful look; not to over-glamorize you and create an unnatural, "operated" appearance.

Will I need drains?

No, drains are not usually necessary for a brow lift.

How long do the results of a brow lift last?

It is difficult to predict the precise longevity of brow elevation and rejuvenation. Undoubtedly, your genetics, bone structure, and skin quality effect the duration of your results. While the effects of gravity and aging on your skin can not be halted by surgery, generally patients feel a restored youthfulness to their appearance for up to 10 years before they consider further surgery.

Are brow lifts commonly performed with other procedures?

Frequently, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is performed at the same time to completely rejuvenate the eyes by removing any redundant, lax skin and fatty bulges around the eyes. Brow lifts only treat the upper portion of the face. Lower facial sagging, jowls, and excessive neck skin can be addressed by a facelift or mini-facelift, which is commonly performed at the same setting as a brow lift.

What is the recovery period?

After a brow lift, you may recover comfortably at home or in a facility with nursing care. You will have a light bandage around your head to protect the incisions which will be removed in 2 days. There will be some swelling and bruising which will peak at 3 to 5 days after surgery and then gradually subside over the following days to weeks. Generally, patients do not have much discomfort and are off of pain medication within a few days of surgery. Non-exertional work activity is permissible after 1 to 2 weeks. You must avoid straining, lifting, bending over, and any strenuous activity for a couple of weeks. At 3 weeks, low-impact exercise is permissible followed by unrestricted activity after 6 weeks.

Will smoking affect my recovery?

Smoking adversely affects wound healing. The small vessels that supply blood to the tissues shrink up and prevent the necessary nutrients for healing to get to the wound. The incidence of having a wound complication such as an open wound or skin death is much higher in smokers. Furthermore, the rate of wound infection is also significantly increased in smokers for the same reason of limited blood flow. Because of this, a patient must stop smoking for a minimum of two weeks prior to surgery to decrease the risk of these complications.

Where is the surgery performed and what kind of anesthesia is used?

Procedures are typically performed at our office based surgery suite located at 1255 37th Street, Ste. D, Vero Beach, FL 32960. It is accredited through the State of Florida Department of Health/Board of Medicine. A variety of anesthetics are selected in accordance with the patients needs and the type of procedure performed.  The most common types of anesthesia are IV sedation, oral anesthesia and local anesthetics. Dr. Frazier will discuss what is most appropriate for your procedure upon your consultation.

What kind of anesthesia is used?

Either general anesthesia or IV sedation, depending upon your situation, is used to achieve sedation and pain control during a brow lift. You will be asleep either way, and awaken comfortably in the recovery room. General anesthesia and IV sedation are extremely safe in healthy patients undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Vero Cosmetic is conveniently located in Vero Beach, FL at 1255 37th Street in suite D, on the west side of Indian River Medical Center.  Please schedule a personal consultation to learn what a mini browlift can do for you. Simply call 772.562.2400 or request your free consultation online.


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