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Smiling is Good Brain Feedback
Tuesday, 21 February 2017 17:41

It is fascinating to see how the brain not only sends signals to facial muscles to smile, frown, wink, or pucker lips, but those muscles also appear to send back signals to the brain in what could be called “facial feedback.”  For many years, doctors and scientists have studied a correlation between frowning and sadness or smiling and happier moods.  No, we don’t mean we smile because we are happy (although we do.)  We mean we smile and THEN the nerves in the facial muscles “talk” to the brain, naturally elevating mood.  

In a recent clinical trial published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research,  people who were forced to frown (but didn’t realize that’s what they were doing) were more likely to think negative images were more aggressive
than people who were not frowning.  People who held a pen in their teeth --thus “forced” to use their smile muscles—rated cartoons as funnier when they were smiling as they viewed them.

 This adds to the evidence of the sense of well-being when neuromodulators like BOTOX are being used to keep those frown muscles from sending their negative signals back to the brain.  Doctors are beginning to believe that patients treated with BOTOX feel less depressed once their “frowning muscles” between the eyes were no longer showing a crease; these muscles are unable to send negative feedback to the emotional centers of the brain.  
Need BOTOX both for happier mood and enhanced beauty?  Come in and talk with our surgeons, Dr. Bailor and Dr. Frazier.  772-562-2400.   




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